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Maitian Was Established In 2016, Focusing On The Research And Development Of U-Lock.

U-lock has a variety of unlocking methods. It supports fingerprint + Bluetooth + App authorization unlocking. Forty fingerprints can be pre-entered. The APP also supports registration abroad, which is convenient to use and fits most people's habits.

U-lock has a high-strength metal shell, which is not afraid of wind and rain and can be used outdoors with confidence. The lock core technology is advanced, and the high-strength A3 alloy is used, which is convenient and safe.

U-lock uses a high-performance rechargeable lithium polymer battery, a status indicator , and an external emergency USB charging port, which can deal with various emergencies.
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U-lock is a high quality brands product produced by China wheatfield company, a responsible attitude has always been our production standard. As U-lock manufacturers and suppliers of many companies, we have our own factory, which can provide customized, wholesale and other services, and our U-lock have passed CE certification. Welcome to inquire or come to our company for on-site inspection. In stock, price is affordable, if you need to buy, you can contact us, we will provide price list for quotation.