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Smart Door Handle Lock

Smart Door Handle Lock is suitable for damp and easily exposed to water working environment. The product has good waterproof performance, stable and reliable working performance, and can realize fingerprint unlocking while being waterproof.

Smart Door Handle Lock uses a high-strength metal shell, which is not easily deformed. The lock cylinder is advanced, safe, and firm, with a variety of unlocking methods, which can support different traditional lock bodies on the market.

Smart Door Handle Lock has an emergency use scheme and low voltage alarm prompt. It has an anti-peep function, has Chinese and English voice prompt functions, and human-computer interaction is intelligent and convenient.

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Smart Door Handle Lock is a high quality brands product produced by China wheatfield company, a responsible attitude has always been our production standard. As Smart Door Handle Lock manufacturers and suppliers of many companies, we have our own factory, which can provide customized, wholesale and other services, and our Smart Door Handle Lock have passed CE certification. Welcome to inquire or come to our company for on-site inspection. In stock, price is affordable, if you need to buy, you can contact us, we will provide price list for quotation.