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Fingerprint Bicycle Lock

It is suitable for bicycles, single-battery bikes, motorcycles and mountain bikes. It uses high-resolution fingerprint templates and uses artificial intelligence fingerprint algorithms to optimize the recognition speed and accuracy, and quickly complete fingerprint recognition within 0.5 seconds. The inside of the lock cylinder is made of alloy material, electroplating process, IP65 waterproof and dustproof, suitable for use in a variety of environments.
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Fingerprint Bicycle Lock is a high quality brands product produced by China wheatfield company, a responsible attitude has always been our production standard. As Fingerprint Bicycle Lock manufacturers and suppliers of many companies, we have our own factory, which can provide customized, wholesale and other services, and our Fingerprint Bicycle Lock have passed CE certification. Welcome to inquire or come to our company for on-site inspection. In stock, price is affordable, if you need to buy, you can contact us, we will provide price list for quotation.