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Tuya APP Smart Lock

Maitian Was Established In 2016, Focusing On The Research And Development Of Tuya APP Smart Lock.

Tuya APP Smart Lock has a variety of unlocking methods, supporting fingerprint + password + IC card + remote control unlocking + WeChat applet dynamic password unlocking, and it can pre-enter two hundred fingerprints.

Tuya APP Smart Lock can realize real-time voice navigation, with a 2.4-inch color screen hierarchical menu display, and convenient human-computer interaction. The product has a built-in attendance assessment function, and you can easily view the unlocking record.

Tuya APP Smart Lock can be personalized and customized, and it can be installed directly without opening holes. It is easy to install and has accessories to choose from.

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Tuya APP Smart Lock is a high quality brands product produced by China wheatfield company, a responsible attitude has always been our production standard. As Tuya APP Smart Lock manufacturers and suppliers of many companies, we have our own factory, which can provide customized, wholesale and other services, and our Tuya APP Smart Lock have passed CE certification. Welcome to inquire or come to our company for on-site inspection. In stock, price is affordable, if you need to buy, you can contact us, we will provide price list for quotation.