The status quo of smart door lock development industry


On November 18, 2020, in order to implement the spirit of the CPC Central Committee’s "14th Five-Year Plan and 2035 Long-Term Goal Recommendations", implement the strategic guidelines for building a new development pattern with domestic and international cycles as the main body and mutual promotion of domestic and international cycles. , To promote the high-quality development of the lock industry, China Hardware Products Association and China Daily Hardware Technology Development Center issued the "Notice on Holding the National Smart Lock Industry Quality Improvement Action Conference and the 29th Information Exchange Conference of the National Lock Industry" . The exchange meeting and the press conference were held in the morning and afternoon of December 15, 2020, respectively. The meeting was guided by the Quality Development Bureau of the State Administration for Market Regulation and the China Hardware Products Association.

For more than 20 years, smart door locks, as an emerging product category derived from the combination of traditional manufacturing and emerging electronic information industries, have gradually entered consumers' vision. Especially since 2015, with the rapid development of smart home and mobile Internet, smart door locks have been highly favored by consumers as entry-level products for smart homes. According to the "Current Situation and Prospects of the Smart Door Lock Industry" issued by China Daily Hardware Technology Development Center in 2020, as of 2019, the national production and sales of smart door locks have reached nearly 15 million sets, which has increased by more than ten times in five years. It is the lock industry The main force in the absolute sense of transformation, upgrading and development.